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Photo of Laurie ThielEarly in my career I recognized there were few low-cost resources for small to medium sized heathcare businesses who needed help with their marketing — specifically healthcare marketing. And then one day I was challenged with my own business problem, and a retired hospital executive, who turned consultant, met with me for a couple 1-hour blocks of time — just talking and working through my issue.

Sometimes just sitting with someone on the outside, who has experience and wisdom, is all you need to work through an issue. There was no retainer fee, no signed contract, just a handshake and some great consulting from a man who had hospital experience. He didn’t charge a fortune, just enough to compensate for his time. It was at that moment that I realized there is a market for one hour consulting – priced at a reasonable fee – particularly in the healthcare industry.

Do I Need A Healthcare Consultant?

Deciding whether or not you need or can afford a healthcare consultant comes down to a few factors… Determining if I need a health care consultant

I have been studying, teaching and working in the healthcare marketing field for over 15 years, and I have been in the healthcare industry — hospital, homecare and medical transportation — for 30 years. I don’t have the answer to everything, but I do have extensive experience and education.

Marketing 101 Back to the Basics Book (3) 1In 2005, I formed a healthcare networking group, that targeted small to medium sized businesses and through that experience, it confirmed what I already knew — businesses need help but can’t afford high consulting fees. I closed down the healthcare networking group in 2009 to continue my vision of One Hour Consulting targeting small to medium sized healthcare businesses.

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